Swimming Lessons For Adults and Children in Lagos

    Private Swimming Lessons for Adult and Children in Lagos and Abuja

    We want to welcome you specially for choosing to learn to swim with us.

    We are a Lagos based leading swimming improvement service, offering you private and personalised swimming lessons.

    Whether it’s one to one private adult swimming lessons or swimming lessons for children, we can ensure that your swimming improves.

    We employ the best of swim coaches. Our Instructors are specially trained, hand-picked and have many years of swimming teaching experience especially for adult and kiddies.

    Whatever your standard, our swimming instructors can help you to improve your swimming. .

    Our swim class age range from from two years to over 70 years (you’re never too old to learn),

    • Swimming Lessons for Children
    • Swimming Lessons for Adults
    • Advanced Lessons for Competition
    • Learn-to-swim Intensive Courses
    • Private Swimming Lessons for People with Disabilities
    • Private Swimming Lessons for People over 55, Physio in-water Injury Rehabilitation

    To find out how we can help you, get in touch with us today on 09090167290 or request a callback by sending an sms to the number above.