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Inspire Natural Body Detoxification System

Are you a Nigerian Man or Woman Feeling sluggish or out of sync? Is the stress of Lagos and Abuja making you have skin problems, aches and pains, or digestive problems?  Then, you are not alone. There is no gain saying that as a result of the bourgeoning population growth of humans on earth, the levels of pollution has greatly increased. It is at its highest in Earth’s known history. Nigerians are continually inhaling and assimilating residues from dust, fumes and petrochemicals.

The average Nigeria staple foods on our plate are no longer natural and its not safer than the air that we breathe in – The air contains contain toxic metals, residues from pesticides, drugs and other agrichemicals. In Nigeria, it seem like we on purpose poison ourselves by excessive beer drinking and drug overuse. This is usually done to give oneself an artificial feelings of pleasure.

All those pollutants Is quite harmful to the health of adult and children in Nigeria. In order to restore our body back to good health, removing those toxin from the body is one way towards health.


What is detoxification?

Detoxification is about resting well, complete body cleansing and good and adequate nourishment for your body from the inside out. You will be amazed that removing  toxins totally and feeding your body with healthy nutrients will help protect you and your children from deadly diseases and renew your ability to maintain optimum health especially in the stressful environment of Lagos state and Nigeria in general.


Where do toxins come from?

In Nigeria it is so easy to inhale or contract toxins from the environment. These are often referred to as external toxins. It is often linked to what we eat, the type of liquids that we drink and more dangerously – what we inhale while breathing polluted air. Some other know toxins are picked up from the type of chemicals (Creams and Lotions) that rub on our skin and wash our hair with.

Much to the disbelief of the average Nigerian, It would interest you also that a large amount of toxins are also generated inside our bodies. One needs to realise that whenever that human body digests the food that we eat, a tonne of toxins are created. Also, when the body goes through the process of regeneration of new muscles or new molecules while healing or repairing itself, a lot of toxins are created.

The next one is what the average Nigerian would find very impossible to believe that whenever a man or woman experience negative emotion like stress and/or anger, that the human body also generates toxins. In fact the amounts of toxins that the human body generates internally is sometimes more that those infused from external factors.

The following signs form a clear indication that there is excess amount of toxins in your body:

  1. Constantly felling tired and feeble even when you have had a good night sleep.
  2. Quickly putting on weight that is hard to shed even when you eat very little. Stubborn weight gain. I know quite a number of persons that are battling with this issue. They eat very little but still continue to add on weight.
  3. The more embarrassing one is the case of bad breathe. When you have excess toxin in your body the smell that ozz out from your gut will be so repelling to everyone that comes near you. Body odour will be the case also. Most people that suffer from body odour have no knowledge that they have it. One needs to be very watchful of this slipping by.
  4. You will be amazed at the result of a recent study that showed that nearly 70% of Nigerian suffer from constipation. This usually happen when a man or woman is unable to empty the bowel occasioned by big and hardened faeces. When you go 3 days without going to the toilet, you are deemed to be constipated; but given the high starch content of our food, you can be constipated in 2days.
  5. Another symptom is tiredness in the muscles and feeling pains all over your body when you wake up from bed.
  6. Lastly, if a man or woman is exposed to excess toxin in the body, the person is prone to skin reactions and blisters as well as skin irritations. An uneven tone skin might be related to excess toxin the body

Now that we know that the toxins exist and it’s very real and we know the symptoms; how do we detoxify the body if we experience any of the aforementioned symptoms?

In simplest term, detoxification is all about cleansing the human blood. The toxins are really impurities in the blood that cause all the harmful effects enumerated above. The Liver is the body’s filtration machine that help remove impurities from the human blood. It is in the liver that toxins are eliminated from the blood

The other organs of the human body that also performs that removal of toxins includes the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin.

It’s noteworthy that when this system of filtration is hindered or running inefficiently, impurities/toxins would not be properly filtered and every cell in human body will bear the brunt.

How does Green World Detox Package detoxify your body?

  1. Green World Pro-Slim Tea
  • Natural ingredients
  • Reduce the absorption of fat
  • Accelerate the metabolism
  1. Green World Slimming Capsule
  • Aids Weight loss
  • Enhances the digesting system
  • Strengthening bowel movement
  1. Green World Lipid Care Tea
  • Help reduce high blood lipid.
  • Regulate blood circulation and pressure
  • Lower blood viscosity
  1. Green World Meal Cellulose
  • Natural product extracted from vegetables, fruits, and fibers.
  • Contains water soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Aids bowel movement and stops constipation
  1. Green World Intestine Cleansing Tea
  • Soften dry and hard stool,
  • Improve bowel movement
  • Preserves youthful look by removing toxins
  • Eliminates unpleasant breath;


  1. Chitosan Capsule
  • Decrease the blood fat and blood sugar.
  • Limits fat absorption
  • Improve bowel movement
  1. Green World Detoxin Pad
  • Extracts toxins out of the pores into the foot patches.
  • Improves lymph system detoxification

Green World Livergen Capsule

It improves hepatic blood flow and the microcirculation in the liver, as well as promotes the regeneration of liver cells. It enhances liver detoxification.

Others are

  1. Green World Intestine Cleansing Tea
  2. Green World Blueberry Super Nutrition
  3. Green World Blueberry Juice
  4. Green World Blueberry Anti-aging Capsule